Established in 1977 with more than 40 years experience in the Aquaculture industry, AquaFauna Bio-Marine, Inc. has thousands of products to meet all your aquacultural needs, anywhere in the world. 

We are an exclusive supplier of high-grade Great Salt Lake brine shrimp Artemia and we stock an unparalleled variety of feeds and diets, equipment and specialty hatchery materials to meet the needs of our customers.

Specializing in shrimp production, we design, produce and distribute a full line of biological, formulated feeds and specialty diets including our 90% hatch rate BIO-MARINE® brand Artemia cysts, Artemac® larval feeds, and Algamac® Artemia and rotifer enrichment formulas.

All of our feeds and diets are distributed through a network of representatives in China, Ecuador, India, Honduras, Europe, Malaysia, Mexico and Turkey. All other regions are supplied directly from our home office in Hawthorne, California, and we offer a complete selection of products ...

For the Grow-out Facility

Centrifugal pumps, netting, aeration paddle-wheels, refractometers, dissolved oxygen meters, field water test kits, and more.

For the Hatchery

Air blowers/compressors, diffusers, tubing, bulkhead fittings, chemicals (bulk and reagent), high volume filtration systems, diesel boilers, heat exchangers, chillers, immersion heaters, nylon and polyester screening, PVC fittings, pumps, PVC ball valves, ultraviolet filtration units and algae tanks.

For the Laboratory

Analytical balances, autoclaves, beakers, bottles, brushes, carboys, centrifuges, clamps, counters, dissecting equipment, filters, funnels, hemacytometers, hotplates, microscopes (compound, dissecting), oxygen meters, ovens, pH meters/buffers, pipettes, plastic-ware, pumps, spectrophotometers, stirrers, thermometers, test kits and more.