Like the original AlgaMac-2000 & 3000, AlgaMac-3050 is a pure DHA algae, drum dried and presented in crumbled flake form. AlgaMac-3050 also offers more than twice the DHA levels in a 300-micron coarse particle (1.5mm).

Liquid Algamac 3050

Liquid Algamac-3050 is a DHA algae emulsion and serves as a practical liquid alternative to our dry Algamac-3050 flake product. Liquid Algamac-3050 has 9.5% DHA content by weight and as a non-hazardous formula, it may be shipped worldwide by air or sea.  



AlgaMac-Enrich is a spray dried, aquaculture nutrition product that is high in DHA and natural astaxanthin, providing a DHA balanced enrichment formula for rotifer and Artemia, and cultured marine coastal/oceanic pelagic and benthic specie larvae.       

AlgaMac Protein Plus

AlgaMac Protein Plus is a complete 100% rotifer culture diet, composed of celled heterotrophic and phototrophic algae species, vitamins, attractants, and pigmentation. AlgaMac Protein Plus is also used as a supplemental feed for larval shrimp.



Our Red AlgaMac forms part of the popular AlgaMac Series containing high levels of astaxanthin. As a spray and drum-dried formulation, it is specifically targeted at Rotifer and Artemia enrichment.