Specialty Diets



Artemac is a formulated feed to be fed with live Artemia. With a higher nutritional profile than unenriched Artemia, ArteMac may replace a quantity of your live Artemia plus we've added AlgaMac-3050 for necessary levels of DHA to promote growth and survival.


Bio-Marine's AstaRose is a natural source of astaxanthin, derived from a unique strain of yeast. Our concentrated form of natural astaxanthin has been carefully formulated into a fine, free flowing dark red powder and is an essential nutritional requirement and a pigment source for aquatic animals.



The value of EconoMac is right in its name.  This is a standard hatchery feed thanks to high quality ingredients and nutrients and best of all... the price.


MadMac-MS Maturation Stimulator is a revolutionary, soft-fresh diet containing high levels of DHA and DPA, essential for maturation stimulation and conditioning of broodstock.



Bio-Marine's Spirulina is a spray dried algae to insure consistent particle size. Supplement your live algae with Bio-Marine's high quality Spirulina.